Dude in the ugly fur hat says, ‘No Mas Eenfeedellz ! Vamanos Ahora !’

Choo gets outta Da ‘Stan, maing !


(AP) — In his final address to Afghanistan’s parliament Saturday, President Hamid Karzai told the United States its soldiers can leave at the end of the year because his military, which already protects 93 percent of the country, was ready to take over entirely.

He reiterated his stance that he would not sign a pact with the United States that would provide for a residual force of U.S. troops to remain behind after the final withdrawal, unless peace could first be established.


Thousands of our dead.   Tens-of-thousands of our wounded.

The blood of a nation.   Her treasure beyond compare.

Wasted on typical bitterly-clinging to their Qur’an-and-pedophile-hero peace-loving genocidal lower-than-whale-sh*t scum.


There will never – ever – be true peace in any typical bitterly-clinging to their Qur’an-and-pedophile-hero peace-loving genocidal lower-than-whale-sh*t scum nation.

They murder their own in the most violent and public manner possible for the slightest deviation from the death cult that is ‘the religion of peace’.   Even the most benign, out-of-context and innocent criticism of their long-dead murderous pedophile ‘hero’ by one of their own, brings shouts of Tally-Ho Snackbar !™ and an instant sword to the back of the neck, or evil scary-looking gun to the head.

F*ck these people.

Let ’em take each other out to the last.



Shema Yisroel Adnonai Elohenu, Adonai Echad.
Baruch Sheim K’vod Malchuto L’olam Va’ed.



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5 Responses to Dude in the ugly fur hat says, ‘No Mas Eenfeedellz ! Vamanos Ahora !’

  1. natureico says:

    This whole degenerative expedition in Afghan has been a complete waste of time and terrifying loss of American, British and NATO blood treasure.

    We should have learned our history lesson from the Russians and British that Afghanistan is one of those quagmires you just don’t enter militarily. For a start the whole rugged mountainous terrain is against us and ideal territory for insurgents. And then the local populace are never going to go against the Muslim Brotherhood in favor of the “Christian Crusaders”.

  2. pjpaton says:

    Sun Tzu would probably have avoided battle in Afghan and adopted a strategy for drawing the enemy out of their strongholds onto a level playing field.

    Sun Tzu Tactics and Strategies http://suntzusaid.com/

  3. jahbalon says:

    Karzai has been a collaborator with the Taliban since Day One. His brother is in the Taliban.

    This is one of these situations which is a Lose Lose situation for America and its Allies. We should have moved in and out as soon as possible.

  4. We had no choice but to go in after what they did to us. I’m wondering what will happen with the contract with the Russians for those choppers. As far as I’m concerned we should tell both entities to GFT.

    And since this is a “family site” I won’t comment about Obama.

  5. obozolies says:

    The real problem with these Islamic countries is the Endemic Corruption and Graft that is prevalent in Sharia run Islamic States. Everything is done with a bribe or not done at all. Until we fully understand the nature of the beast we are dealing with, we will never come to grips with it. I agree with Carol as this is a “family site”, we should be circumspect with our views and opinions.

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