Horse Nuts, Y U No Like Twittah ?!?

Y U make name and call me ‘Horse Nuts’ ?

It’s kinda obvious.


(AFP) – Turkey’s combative prime minister warned on Thursday that he would eradicate Twitter………

“There could be no solution other than technically blocking access to Twitter in order to address the unjust treatment our citizens were subjected to unless Twitter changes its stance of ignoring court decisions and disobeying the law”, according to the statement made to the state-run Anatolia news agency after Erdogan’s comments.

Erdogan, Turkey’s all-powerful leader since 2003, has been under mounting pressure since audio recordings spread across social media that appeared to put him at the heart of a major corruption investigation.

Recordings include an apparent discussion between Erdogan and his son about hiding money, as well as others in which he appears to be interfering in business deals, court cases and media coverage.

Some of the most damaging information has come from a Twitter account under the name Haramzadeler (“Sons of Thieves”), which appears to have access to a huge trove of secret documents and police wiretaps linked to the investigation.


So then, Horse Nuts, whaddya gotta say for yerself ?

Y U no believe peace lovers when we say “nothing to see here” ?

Because you’re all typically bitter and clinging to your Allah and evil scary-looking guns……… and bombs, and flying aircraft into buildings and………


Heh.   Watch:



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3 Responses to Horse Nuts, Y U No Like Twittah ?!?

  1. NanVet1971 says:

    Later that day, horse was found to be a Zionist and was sent to a nearby glue factory.

  2. natureico says:

    Erdogan dozen’t like to hear it told from the horse’s mouth does he ? So he brands Twitter a National Security threat and closes it down.

    Classic Suppression of the truth and distraction from his own corruption scandal at home in Turkey.

    This is straight out of the book of Saul Alinksy book ‘Rules For Radicals’, so adroitly used by his best buddy BHO.

  3. pjpaton says:

    I am sure that poor horse ended up in the knacker’s yard and was turned into chewing gum. 🙂

    Erdogan is an obsessive and paranoid dictator and this American Turkish Exile Gullen has really got him spooked big time.

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