Gaten Av Tøysete Turer !

Naturlig, regjeringen sier nei.


Welcome to the Norwegian town of Ørje.

Cross at the green, not in between !



Wait…… Isn’t that…………



The local government said no and the signs have come down.

What did you expect ?

As much as we all love ‘Teh Pie-Thonnz’ and the whole idea of ‘The Crosswalk Of Silly Walks’, people can’t just go popping up official-looking road signs on city streets all willy-nilly.



Kenny Solomon
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Riding in memory of my dad, Roy Solomon, US Army, 63rd Engineers, WWII Europe.
In memory of my uncle, Col. E. J. Lasner, US Army, Europe, Viet Nam and USA.
In memory of my grandfather, Cpl. Samuel Lasner, US Army, WWI, France.

In memory of John (Jack) Henry ‘Angel’ Regan, Patriot Guard Rider


In memory of Brian A. Terry, US Marines, US Border Patrol.


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