Muslims move to control air travel.

There is nothing to see here.

These are not the typical peace-loving MooseLimbQuranimals you are looking for.

Move along.


Rescuers…… Benevolent businessmen…… Saviors.


(Reuters) – Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways will buy almost half of Alitalia and invest 560 million euros ($751 million) into the lossmaking Italian airline in a turnaround effort that will involve heavy job losses under a long-delayed deal signed on Friday (8 August 2014).



The world’s largest airline just got a lot bigger and much more powerful.  The ‘turnaround effort’ will first and foremost nudge Shari’a-compliant operations into place.  ‘Heavy job losses’ will only be experienced by infidel employees.



The Gulf carrier already has stakes in Air Berlin and Ireland’s Aer Lingus and Friday’s deal will help it expand in Europe.

Etihad plans to turn Rome’s Fiumicino Airport into an intercontinental hub and improve Alitalia’s cargo business, as well as add long-haul connections from both Rome and Milan and new routes between Abu Dhabi and Italy.



A pretty good bet that the first order of business upon deal-closing will be to eliminate all Alitalia flights worldwide to and from Israel, including canceling route-sharing with current Alitalia partner airlines.


No worries though.

It’s simply another Etihad investment only to grow the company.


Are you wondering how this is being reported in the peace-loving world ?   Well wonder no further.   Behold:



There is nothing to see here.  These are not the typical peace-loving MooseLimbQuranimals you are looking for.  It’s simply another Etihad investment only to grow the company.  Move along.



Shema Yisroel Adnonai Elohenu, Adonai Echad.
Baruch Sheim K’vod Malchuto L’olam Va’ed.



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7 Responses to Muslims move to control air travel.

  1. pjpaton says:

    Foreign Companies are buying up Western Assets everywhere, it is a going concern.

    Mainly because America and the West have gone bust, and that is why we can’t finance military expeditions anymore.

    Sitting ducks anyone ?

  2. jahbalon says:

    Freddy Laker ran the best plane service of them all. 🙂

    You could go from the UK to USA for a £100.

    Come the Revolution !

  3. It’s no secret that Chinese has been buying up mineral, and oil rights all over the world. Main Stream Media propagandized the term “State Capitalism” as a means to mainstream Communist China into what is now the global International Exchange (ICE)-Euronet NYSE, and has listed hundreds of Russian and Chinese corporations; which the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) has rubber stamped.

    The Muslims, and Chinese are all acquiring real estate, and business assets during this world recession. American companies have been holding on to their cash for mergers and acquisitions.

    Europe, and the United States are for sale. Wall Street’s only concern is “earnings” from the global, international corporations.

    The NYSE, DOW, Nasdaq, and S&P are no longer a barometers of the US economy, no more than the US Labor Department’s monthly employment reports reflect the actual unemployment rate.

    Americans are just a consuming nation. We’ve lost our status as the leader of the free world.

    As President Obama’s transformation, and redistribution agenda moves forward, the more you’ll notice the lowering of your standard of living throughout America.

    Chinese, Russians, and Muslims have no obstacles in their way. The United States stood, and fought for freedom and liberty for the entire world, but in five, and a half years Obama has betrayed allies, and befriended Islam, surrendered to Putin’s Ukraine aggression.

    Obama’s neutrality with China over island disputes with Japan, Vietnam, and the Philippines brought China too declare an Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ), and claims to oil and natural gas rich shoals and small islands in the South China Sea.

  4. bobmontgomery says:

    And everyone thought delaying the Keystone Pipeline was about envirowhackoism. That and everything Salazar was directed to do was to keep the dollars flowing Eastward.

    Now we’ve got us a caliphate and six prosperous and busy terrorist organizations and a mainline Christian Church sitting back and watching their …heh heh …..brethren in the ME and AF be eradicated and buying popcorn for the big show about to come as Israel accomplishes housecleaning chores racing the clock to thwart Tehran.

  5. natureico says:

    I think Bob and Joe have said it all for me.

    Obama has ushered in the decline of America and the EU to Muslim, Chinese and Russian Imperialism. He, Obama, really is the Cuckoo in the Nest.

  6. obozolies says:

    Agree with Joe. Keep the message short and to the point.

    Planes are getting dangerous these days. I think I will stick to Shank’s Pony. 😛

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