Arming up – A global effort to… um… to… er………

Here we go again.


(AP) — An Australian military aircraft will soon fly guns and ammunition to the northern Iraqi city of Irbil to help Kurds fight Islamic State militants as part of a U.S.-led multination mission, Australia’s prime minister said on Sunday.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott said his government would join the United States, Britain, Canada, France and Italy in delivering rocket-propelled grenades, mortars and assault rifle ammunition at the request of the U.S. and Iraqi governments.


Translation:  These current typical MooseLimbQuranimals who are attempting to murder everyone not exactly like them are not the same as the past typical MooseLimbQuranimals who were attempting to murder everyone not exactly like them, so the global community needs to help those new and improved typical MooseLimbQuranimals who are attempting to murder everyone not exactly like them.


“None of us want to get involved in another Middle Eastern war, but it is important to do what reasonably can be done to avert potential genocide,” he added.


Translation:  Except for when it comes to typical MooseLimbQuranimals trying to wipe out every Jew on the planet and destroy Israel.  The typical MooseLimbQuranimals trying to wipe out every Jew on the planet and destroy Israel can simply ‘have at it’.


The opposition Labor Party, which opposed Australia sending 2,000 troops to back U.S. and British forces in the 2003 Iraq invasion, has supported the latest Australian involvement in delivering weapons and munitions to the Kurds.


Translation:  Guns are bad, mmmmmmkay ?   But when there’s typical MooseLimbQuranimals involved, they can have whatever they want and don’t have to go through any background checks, fingerprinting, waiting periods, maximum purchases per month/year, limits on quantities of ammunition, etc.


Digging further into this story, we find that all U.S.-provided “assault rifle ammunition” will be unlimited in quantity and sent ‘fast’ via the Obama administration’s ‘furious’ partners in Mexico.


Update – 1 September 2014, 1205 Hours US Eastern Time.


(AP) — Chancellor Angela Merkel has told lawmakers that it’s in Germany’s interests to arm the Kurdish fighters who are battling Islamic extremists in Iraq.

The government decided Sunday to send 16,000 assault rifles, hundreds of tank-busting weapons and several armored vehicles to forces fighting the Islamic State group, breaking with Germany’s previous reluctance to send weapons into conflicts.


It’s also in Germany’s best interests to deal with all the typical peace-loving MooseLimbQuranimals infesting the Rhineland.

And there’s that whole “assault rifle” thing again.   I wonder if there’s any agenda-nudging going on in the media’s wording in every single article and report about th……… Naaaaaaaaaaah.  It can’t happen here.


As our buddy AussieBloke says quite succinctly below, “One should never give a gun to anyone unless you know where they are going to point it !




Shema Yisroel Adnonai Elohenu, Adonai Echad.
Baruch Sheim K’vod Malchuto L’olam Va’ed.



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8 Responses to Arming up – A global effort to… um… to… er………

  1. natureico says:

    I think it is a Monumental Mistake the West getting involved in Iraq and giving arms and support to varying factions there.

    These are internal Iraq issues, and Iran is meddling behind the scenes in all of this Isis business.

    We are getting sucked into something by Obama we will all live to regret I feel.

    • El Guapo and the Totalitarians don’t regret anything…… other than not yet physically eliminating all opposition.

      Taqiyya and kitman, remember ? Not only is it the typical Muslim way, it’s the modus operandi of typical Democrats.

  2. obozolies says:

    Agree with you Kenny. I think Natureico is alluding to all the rest of us who will suffer because of El Guapo’s Partiality with the Muslims.

    All I can say is El Guapo is leading America and the EU up the garden path, and we have now reached the Point of No Return.

  3. pjpaton says:

    Our borders are wide open and Isis and Hezbollah Terrorists are pouring through into the States.

    And have you heard the latest ? Obama is sending Advanced TOW Weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon, and nobody is saying Boo.

    Has Obama got everybody Hypnotised or Something ?

    • What ?!? You don’t believe El Guapo, Sen. Reid and Rep. Pelosi ? For the last time, our borders are secure……… and chickens have lips.

      The only people left to say ‘boo’ are folks like us. Congress is basically irrelevant and the rest of the patriots have been almost totally purged from the military and media.

      “Hypnotized ?”…… No.
      “Or something ?”….. Yeah.
      Call it The fear of racist label due to an overdose of HopeAndChange.

  4. Aussie Bloke! says:

    El Guapo would rather his mates ‘over there’ have the evil scary guns than any lawful citizen.

    One should never give a gun to anyone unless you know where they are going to point it!

    just say’n.


    • “One should never give a gun to anyone unless you know where they are going to point it !”

      Aussie, that’s about as simple and straight to the point as it can get.

      Git-r-done, son !


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