Contrary to popular belief, I’m not dead, just resting.

I don’t want to get on the cart !   I feel happy !   I feel happy !



Since the last posting here at Israel Survival Updates………

Islam is still pure evil.

Muslims still want to and are moving to conquer the world by any means necessary.

Against all odds – especially with the current winds shifting daily in an ugly direction – Israel still exists and Jews are thriving.

And somehow – through all the treasonous, election-rigging and other s.o.p. illegal activities by typically bitter and clinging Democrats – a bunch of (supposedly) good people were elected across the nation to begin attempting to stop the baseline takedown of America to a Totalitarian state.

Film at eleven when something makes the meter actually move towards ensuring the survival of Israel and the Jewish people, along with fully restoring the Constitutional Representative Republic known as The United States Of America.


………shall not be infringed.


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Shema Yisroel Adnonai Elohenu, Adonai Echad.
Baruch Sheim K’vod Malchuto L’olam Va’ed.



Kenny Solomon
Israel Survival Updates
The American Survival Guide

Oath Keeper
Patriot Guard Rider

Riding in memory of my dad, Roy Solomon, US Army, 63rd Engineers, WWII Europe.
In memory of my uncle, Col. E. J. Lasner, US Army, Europe, Viet Nam and USA.
In memory of my grandfather, Cpl. Samuel Lasner, US Army, WWI, France.

In memory of John (Jack) Henry ‘Angel’ Regan, Patriot Guard Rider


In memory of Brian A. Terry, US Marines, US Border Patrol.


Everything I need to know about Islam I learned at the age of 13 on September 5th 1972.


If law-abiding firearms owners were as unstable and dangerous as typically bitter and clinging Democrats say we are, there’d be no typically bitter and clinging Democrats still breathing.


Reaganhu Akhbar™ !


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8 Responses to Contrary to popular belief, I’m not dead, just resting.

  1. natureico says:

    We live in hope Kenny.

    There is a tide of new optimism sweeping the country since the Republicans won both the Congress and the Senate, talk of impeachment is in the air if El Guapo tries to move forward on Amnesty. Obama is a Lame Duck President and there are high hopes of a Republican President in 2016.

    Israel can come out of this better than expected, at least Peres is gone and Livni may follow soon, and Israel has forged New Alliances in the World, and have immense Fracking reserves in the land, as well as huge off shore Gas and Oil supplies, so there is everything to play for.

    Always look on the bright side of life :P.

    • Can ya tell I’m a tad miffed ? Slightly perturbed ? Moving towards ‘edgy’ ?

      The people being sent to DC will be placed immediately on the razor’s edge and I agree wholeheartedly with Congressman Gowdy that the single worst thing that could happen is for El Guapo to be impeached, because he’d never be convicted in the Senate. It would literally make him a living martyr for Democrats, Liberals, Socialists, Communists and Totalitarians.

      As for Israel, she’d better be fully prepared to go it completely alone, because it’s coming.

  2. pjpaton says:

    I still think El Guapo should be impeached, because it would be a travesty of justice if he gets away with his endless list of impeachable offenses and misdemeanors.What kind of message would that be sending future politicians ? That you can break the law with Impunity ?

    Israel needs all the friends it can get these days, as its fair weather friends are bailing out already.

  3. says:

    Eeyup. Nothing ever changes, if nothing ever changes.

  4. obozolies says:

    The latest is Lapid and Livni are going to team to try and topple Bibi and get a left wing government in Israel, and watch for that Isaac Herzog joining them if they do.

  5. jahbalon says:

    Have to agree with you on Livni, Yakimovich, Lapid, Peres and Herzog, Mitzna and Peretz.

    If that lot ever get in they will sell Israel down the river.

    Better with Bibi, Lieberman and Bennet.

  6. No worries. A little bird told me in South Floriduh Teh Evil Joooooo still lives.

    If obama does sign his paper on amnesty will be death knell for Hillary. She will have to undo in her campaign what 2/3 of this country doesn’t want.

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