No More “Mr. Nice Guy”.




Holon, Israel – The owner of a Holon pizzeria was arrested this week after police discovered that the pizza they ordered was sprinkled with synthetic marijuana instead of oregano.

Police became suspicious after two of the officers from the Tel Aviv District Police were hospitalized for dizziness, vomiting and hallucinations shortly after eating the pizza.

When police returned to the restaurant several days later to question the owner, he confessed to sprinkling the drug, commonly referred to as “Mr. Nice Guy”, on the officers’ pie.







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Baruch Sheim K’vod Malchuto L’olam Va’ed.



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8 Responses to No More “Mr. Nice Guy”.

  1. natureico says:

    A nasty thing he has done. Sounds like he had a grudge against the Police.

    Could you say it is a fair cop ? 😛

  2. jahbalon says:

    I would say a first degree case of willful poisoning.

    Would like to know his motive and background.

    • Well, just from what’s available in the media – which is not much at all – I’ll surmise the following:

      Uno: Dat peetzah maing, prolly he no be a peez-luffer. If he was, he’d have exhibited typical Muslim behavior and put something else in the L.E.O.’s food to simply and very visibly kill them.

      Dos: Which leaves the more likely probability Mr. Pizzamaker is the equivalent to our typical Democrat-Leftist-Nudger here and is showing the ‘everyone-knows-they’re-bad-evil-scary-looking cops who’s boss.

  3. obozolies says:

    Kinda put me off Pizza a bit. Think I will stick to Pastrami now.

    The culprit might be some kind of mafioso.

  4. pjpaton says:

    It was a crazy thing for the owner to do.

    He must have known that he would be found out.

    The judiciary will come down severe on this I would guess.

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