An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

About damn time Christians started fighting fire with fire.

Enough already with turning the other cheek.


Rap on, rap on, brother, rap on.


A Syrian Christian fighter has beheaded an Islamic State group (ISIS) jihadist to avenge people “executed” by the group in northeastern Syria, a monitor organization said on Friday, according to AFP.

………the incident took place on Thursday in Hasakeh province, where ISIS holds large areas of the countryside……… the Christian fighter, a member of the minority Assyrian community, found the jihadist in the local village of Tal Shamiram.

“He took him prisoner and when he found out he was a member of ISIS, the Assyrian fighter beheaded him in revenge for abuses committed by the group in the region.”


Git-r-done !

Sometimes, ya simply gotta do whatcha gotta do.


It’s the only thing typical peace-loving scum understand:  Overwhelming force of the kind considered ‘normal’ within Islam.


Rap on, rap on, brother, rap on.




Shema Yisroel Adnonai Elohenu, Adonai Echad.
Baruch Sheim K’vod Malchuto L’olam Va’ed.



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6 Responses to An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

  1. I saw that Kenny.

    It’s too bad the Muslim in Chief won’t git ir done.

  2. pjpaton says:

    ” An Eye for an Eye, and a Tooth for a Tooth “

  3. natureico says:

    Or you could say ” They who live by the Sword, shall Die by the Sword ” 😛

  4. obozolies says:

    It’s the Horrors of Islamic Barbarism that are blighting the world.

    If this rolls into Europe via Libya and Italy, we are all done for in the long term.

  5. pjpaton says:

    It’s like one side is trying to outdo the other in degrees, levels and depths of Barbarity and Savagery.

    You can’t help comparing it to Sodom and Gomorrah.

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