Typical peace-loving Muslim justifies murder of all Jews as ‘defense of holy sites’.

After all, it’s in Qur’an, Sira and Hadith, mandating all typical peace-loving Muslims to love peace to such a degree without hesitation, or they themselves will be considered infidels and apostates.


The typical peace-loving Muslim in question who’s out-in-the-open justifying the murder of Jews just so happens to be – by sheer chance, of course – well, he’s the leader of Palestine Gaza, home to the most typical and peace-iest-loving-est peace-loving Muslims on Earth.

He’s also – again, by sheer chance – bestest-friends forevah with President For Life Barack Hussein Obama (PBUH), along with the entire European Union, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and a host of other anti-Semitic and anti-Israel folks around the world, all of whom are funneling billions of dollars to the typical peace-loving Muslim government of Palestine Gaza.


After ongoing Palestinian riots, which have including shootings, stabbings, and rock and Molotov cocktail throwing – as well as the murder of 4 Israeli civilians – Mahmoud Abbas last week justified it all as legitimate defense of holy sites, reports Palestinian Media Watch.

“The Palestinian side did not attack and did not do anything against the Israelis.  If they [Israelis] think that the [Palestinian] people in Jerusalem are protecting themselves, that is our right.  We have to protect our holy sites,” Abbas was quoted as saying by official PA media.

Abbas then attacked Israel’s defense measures against Palestinian terror:

“The Israeli government is escalating its strong offensive against the Palestinian people everywhere…… Honestly, we do not know what the reason is for this.


Video courtesy of Palestine Media Watch.


Abbas made these statements last Tuesday, October 6, less than a week after Arab terrorists murdered four Israeli civilians.

Meanwhile, Abbas’ advisor Sultan Abu Al-Einein explicitly glorified murder on his Facebook page. He called the stabbing murders of two civilians in Jerusalem, and the injuring of the wife and 2-year-old child of one of the victims, a “heroic operation.” He also posted the picture of the stabber, and “saluting” those “protecting Jerusalem” he wrote: “Kiss their foreheads, and do not forget their hands.”



Nada ver aquí, maing.


Winds are shifting and definitely ugly.

And it’s visibly obvious that ‘somebody’ is standing with……… Yeah.


Paging Mr. Samson !…… Mr. Samson !
You may be needed, sir.


Shema Yisroel Adnonai Elohenu, Adonai Echad.
Baruch Sheim K’vod Malchuto L’olam Va’ed.



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4 Responses to Typical peace-loving Muslim justifies murder of all Jews as ‘defense of holy sites’.

  1. obozolies says:

    It’s incitement by Abu Mazen, Haniyeh, Zohar and other Palestinian leaders to start the Third Intifada (looks like its started ) and I think Bibi and Yaalon should initiate Operation Defensive Shield 2 to eradicate the leadership of these terrorist entities.

  2. natureico says:

    And as if things weren’t bad enough in Israel, Kerry, Blair & Co. are due to arrive in Tel Aviv on Wednesday in an attempt to kick start the moribund “Peace Process”. 😱😱😱😱😱

  3. Samson MAY be needed, Kenny ?

    I think I would change that to “is needed”.

  4. jahbalon says:

    Don’t worry Kenny and Carol, Samson will get the job done alright.

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