SCOTUS Justice Antonin Gregory Scalia ; 1936 – 2016

Associate Justice Of The Supreme Court Of The United States Antonin Gregory Scalia has died.

Democrats and The Left – including all RINO’s – are celebrating.


Things are starting to become ‘a bit intense’ due to some rather ‘odd’ circumstances.


SCOTUS Justice Antonin Gregory Scalia ; 1936 – 2016


Ladies and gentlemen – Americans – those of you who value your freedom, rights, liberrties and responsibilities and those of your children, we have reached ‘the point of no return’.

Observe two items from mainstream media outlets (one ABC ; the other NBC) and think about what you’re reading.

Think for yourself.



Justice Scalia’s death was ruled a heart attack.

During a phone conversation.

A phone conversation between a county judge and a county sheriff.

No autopsy, no nothing.


United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s heart stopped beating during his sleep, Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara told WFAA on Sunday.

Guevara officially pronounced him dead at 1:52 p.m. on Saturday.  She will be the local official who signs his death certificate.


A county judge.

Not the county coroner after an autopsy – an autopsy that didn’t occur.

A county judge declares the cause of death of a United States Supreme Court Justice over the phone with a county sheriff and signs the official death certificate.


But wait, there’s more.

Oh yeah, there’s more.


The county judge:  A thoroughly typical Democrat.


Cinderela Guevara defeats incumbent Presidio County Judge Paul Hunt in Democratic Primary.

— and —

“Si pudimos !” ; “Yes we can !”

“I’m going to do everything possible to open doors so this may be a better place to live.  For our children, and children’s children………”


‘It’s for the children.’


But wait again…… There’s still more.

There’s always more.


From The San Antonio Express, a real newspaper, owned and operated by The Hearst Corporation:


We discovered the judge in bed, a pillow over his head.  His bed clothes were unwrinkled,” said Poindexter.

“He was lying very restfully. It looked like he had not quite awakened from a nap,” he said.  Scalia,79, did not have a pulse and his body was cold………


Alex, I’ll take ‘SCOTUS Justices having heart attacks with pillows over their faces’ for $1,000.


Hold it…… Poindexter ?  Who’s that ?

John Poindexter.  A ‘nobody’ 30,000-acre ranch-resort owner.

Never mind that he’s a huge Democrat donor, especially to a certain fundamentally transforming presidential campaign and other assorted rabid leftists.

And pay no attention to the award this dude got from a certain fundamentally transforming president for being a huge Democrat donor.

You can look all that up on OpenSecrets and/or CampaignMoney and/or the rest of the websites hosting factual data for campaign contributions.


Nada ver aqui, maing.

Nada en todo.


Le merde shall indeed encounter le ventilateur.

We are quickly approaching the event horizon.



Tool up.



There are no coincidences anymore with major and even minor events.

No coincidences.



And now, some of what you know best from us here at Israel Survival Updates:   Snark.   Dangerous high-voltage snark.



Always – please – always keep it out in the forefront that it’s not just him.  There are tens of thousands of people involved at his side, which is why I often try to make the point of saying ‘El Guapo and the Totalitarians’, not just him as an individual.


Remember…… Big Picture…… No…… Bigger…… NO…… B I G G E R.


Cut to The White House press room in the very near future:


“………and therefore, since the passing of Justice Scalia several weeks ago and Justice Thomas not being seen, nor heard from in the past two weeks, by the powers I vested in me as president for life, I, Barack Hussein Obama (Peace Be Upon Me), hereby nominate, confirm and inaugurate to the position of Chief Justice Of The Supreme Court, Mr. Cass Sunstein and Mr Eric Holder to the position of Associate Justice.

And under the same powers I vested in me as president for life, I, Barack Hussein Obama (Peace Be Upon Me) declare Former Chief Justice Roberts relieved of his seat on the court.  I have nominated, confirmed and inaugurated Mr. Jacob Lew to the position of Associate Justice.


Who’s gonna stop him them…… the GOP ?   Puh-Leez.

What’s gonna stop him them……  The RINO-laden Senate ?……  The Pentagon ?……  The treasonous scum ‘own’ all of that.


Indeed, the tree of liberty seems in dire need of watering…… and much sooner than later.


It only took 3% of the population the first go-round.



A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.



Thanks to my blogging mentor Carol Greenberg of Conservative Outlooks for the heads-up on a few of these rather ‘odd’ circumstances conveyed – for whatever reason(s) – by mainstream media outlets.

And also major ‘ups’ to my bud Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit.  Some people ‘get it’ and some don’t.  Jim ‘got it’ before most of the world knew there was an ‘it’ to ‘get’.



Shema Yisroel Adnonai Elohenu, Adonai Echad.
Baruch Sheim K’vod Malchuto L’olam Va’ed.



Kenny Solomon
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Patriot Guard Rider

Riding in memory of my dad, Roy Solomon, US Army, 63rd Engineers, WWII Europe.
In memory of my uncle, Col. E. J. Lasner, US Army, Europe, Viet Nam and USA.
In memory of my grandfather, Cpl. Samuel Lasner, US Army, WWI, France.

In memory of John (Jack) Henry ‘Angel’ Regan, Patriot Guard Rider


In memory of Brian A. Terry, US Marines, US Border Patrol.


Everything I need to know about Islam I learned at the age of 13 on September 5th 1972.


If law-abiding firearms owners were as unstable and dangerous as typically bitter and clinging Democrats say we are, there’d be no typically bitter and clinging Democrats still breathing.


Reaganhu Akhbar™ !


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18 Responses to SCOTUS Justice Antonin Gregory Scalia ; 1936 – 2016

  1. natureico says:

    Now we know Martial Law is definitely on.
    God help us from El Guapo.

    • God, Jesus, Shiva, Yahweh and the rest ain’t gonna do squat – they’re tired. They’re gonna leave it up to us to make it right this time.

      Gotta watch that Allah guy though. Pretty much the evilest of evil that ever eviled.

  2. pjpaton says:

    Obama will pick Holder for Scotus. It’s a slam dunk.
    This is the beginning of the Great Tribulation

  3. obozolies says:

    You better get down to Wal Mart and get the boxes in.
    It’s coming.

  4. obozolies says:

    Hang Tough. The worse is still to come.

  5. jahbalon says:

    Cass Sunstein would be an Obama pick. Wouldn’t rule out Holder either. You can see Dictatorship coming down the line.

  6. jahbalon says:

    No they ain’t leaving, but we are going to make them leave, by jingo.

  7. obozolies says:

    Liberals want gun control.
    #2A #RedNationRising…

  8. pjpaton says:

    Justice Scalia found dead in a hotel room in Texas with a pillow over his face. And its death by natural causes ?

    Expect to see Obama nominate Eric Holder as his replacement on SCOTUS.

    • I’m just not buying the pillow thing. Especially if like he says the sheets were unrumpled. If someone tried to smother him there would be signs of a struggle. Now an infant can be smothered just by lying a pillow on his face. The weight of the pillow does it.

  9. pjpaton says:

    Tool up Kenny. The revolution is coming. It is all going to kick off in March.

    Signup for @Get_AmmoBox and get ammo shipped directly to your door monthly! #Startup #22lr

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