Well, I guess it’s time to post something, eh ?

16, July, 2015

Maybe a big ‘ol rant about “the deal” where President For Life Barack Hussein Obama (PBUH) basically guaranteed Iran that they can nuke Israel whenever they’re ready.  Possibly we can rail over the typical Muslim what done shot up a Navy/Marine installation.   Or how’s ’bout we talk over th……… Naaaaaaaaaaah.

What difference at this point does it make ?

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$620 million, 1,150 rooms and……

6, June, 2015

……all anyone’s talking about is there may or may not be gold-plated toilets in the place.

And you wonder why the death-spiral is tightening and speeding up.

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Gaten Av Tøysete Turer !

29, March, 2014

Naturlig, regjeringen sier nei.

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No woman, no drive.

27, October, 2013

Jah mon !

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4, September, 2013

A short summary of every Jewish holiday: “They tried to kill us ; We won ; Let’s eat.”

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Look…… Up in the sky !…… It’s…………

31, August, 2013

Oy vey.

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Whoever certifies this woman will answer to a higher authority.

17, August, 2013

Her name is Kathryn Lee Epstein and she wants to be a Rabbi.

Maybe she can get some of her old sweat shop child laborers to produce a marketable prayer shawl.

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