SCOTUS Justice Antonin Gregory Scalia ; 1936 – 2016

13, February, 2016

Associate Justice Of The Supreme Court Of The United States Antonin Gregory Scalia has died.

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Human Rights Watch is enraged that Muslims are being bombed.

14, September, 2014

Call it purposeful hypocrisy, ‘cuz they tain’t said not even word one ’bout any of those typical Muslims bombing Jews.

And if you didn’t know it already, Human Rights Watch has nothing to do with human rights, but is a far far farleftist group having everything to do with a building one-world government offering no individual rights for citizens that the state does not grant.

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Squirrels on a plane !

26, January, 2014

Enough is enough !   I have had it with these monkey fighting squirrels on this Monday through Friday plane !

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US Hostage To Obama: ‘Don’t Abandon Me’.

26, December, 2013

That’s the headline from Arutz Sheva (Israel National News).

I’ve a question for Mr. “US Hostage”.

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The real reason he won’t go.

27, October, 2012

Rather obvious, isn’t it ?

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