Headline: At first major rally, Clinton touts foreign policy chops.

13, June, 2015

‘Slug’ after the headline:  Presidential candidate tells NY crowd she has stood up to Russia’s Putin and helped defend Israel, will do whatever it takes ‘to keep Americans safe’.

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$620 million, 1,150 rooms and……

6, June, 2015

……all anyone’s talking about is there may or may not be gold-plated toilets in the place.

And you wonder why the death-spiral is tightening and speeding up.

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An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

30, May, 2015

About damn time Christians started fighting fire with fire.

Enough already with turning the other cheek.

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“Angel Of Peace”

16, May, 2015

There’s prophecy involved here, that this current guy will be the last Pope – as in done, gone, end of church, etc.

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“If we’re nice to them, they’ll be nice to us.”

9, May, 2015

That’s an order, IDF.

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I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

25, April, 2015

……and it’s a good bet the S is gonna HTF much sooner than anything that could be considered later.

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Nu förbjuds skolelever att använda svenska flaggan.

28, December, 2014


Upprepa:   Nu förbjuds skolelever att använda svenska flaggan.

Translation:   (An elementary school in Sweden) now prohibits use of the Swedish flag.

Reason:   It’s offensive.

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