“For the Saudis the moment has come.”

17, May, 2015

Sheik Yerbouti has a few Riyals burnin’ a hole in his pocket.

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“It’s exactly like what you see in Star Wars.”

16, February, 2014

Luke Skywalkerberg ?

Princess Leia Finkelstein ?

Han Solomon ?

Hey, I like the sound of that last one.   😉

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Holocaust Remembrance Day.

27, January, 2013

A Country Of Concern ; Democratic Conscience ; Two-State Pressure ; Security Is Not On Hold.

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‘Scuse me…… What’re y’all a-sayin’ ?

22, December, 2012

Israel is finished.

Whatcha meanin’ by that-all ?

Lone soldier, guard duty, inside base perimeter, situationally unaware, under orders that render everyone and everything assigned to fail.

Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat, y’all tweren’t a-kiddin’ none !

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This Is Islam, Part 784,661,896

16, December, 2012

The headline says it all:

Syria Bombs Palestinian Mosque.

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But…… But…… They’re peace-loving missiles !

25, November, 2012

They’re on a peace-loving vacation tour from one part of the peace-loving world to another !

Why do typical bitter clingers always have a problem when peace-loving people want to help each oth………… It’s Bush’s fault !

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IDF Lieutenant Boris Yarmulnik

22, November, 2012

Stand down.

The day is done.

Rest in peace.

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